Aqui Há Baile (Portugal)

May 19th | Praça Luís de Camões | 01h30m

The Aqui Há Baile group appeared in September 2011, after the invitation of PédeXumbo to promote the Alentejo repertoire of the Alentejo Dance Book published by PédeXumbo.

Sérgio Cobos, musical director, gathered a group of musicians with influence from several areas; Four fundamental pillars of music, united by dance, such as traditional root music, fado, classical music and rock. This fusion and work came to give rise, in 2013, to the edition of the first album "Caderno de Danças do Alentejo-adaptations".

The song, insatiable of itself, has historically been transformed over and over again and Aqui Há Baile is the new step in origin and form, soul and aesthetics, melody and dance.  In a fusion between the traditional and the new ball, the group transport us into a musical journey between the sounds of the Alentejo and the sounds of several other places.

The choreographic direction linked to music, both in the creation or recreation of the repertoire and in the orientation of the audience during the dance, is carried out by the teacher Ana Silvestre.