Hamid Ajbar Sufi Ensemble (Morocco/Spain)

May 20 | Guadiana Pier | 22h30m

Hamid Ajbar Sufi Ensemble (Marocco/Spain)- Yinnan Al Andalus – A Spiritual Journey from Cordoba to Damascus

Hamid Ajbar Sufi Ensemble is an ensemble of Andalusian music, resident in the city of Granada and formed by musicians of Moroccan and Spanish origin.

Yinnan Al Andalus (Gardens of Al Andalus), has a physical and spiritual meaning. When Ziryab, the famous musician, settled in Cordoba (ninth century) brought with him all the sophistication of the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad. This had a reflection in the cultural refinement at all levels, both in gastronomy, clothing, poetry and music. At that time, gardens had a great importance, as places of rest and enjoyment, a corner to beauty and creation, the clearest example can be seen in the Generalife palace of Alhambra. The "Yinnan" also has a deep spiritual sense, since it is a memory of the seven gardens of the Paradise and the delights that they contain.

The repertoire of "Yinnan Al Andalus" is a careful selection through the great source of moaxajas (muwashahat), a poetic form that developed in Al Andalus, extending through the Arab world, and that had its influence in the traditional Spanish lyric. This repertoire has a high level both in the deep meaning of its lyrics and in the quality of its music, trying to always raise the state of who sings and touches, and of who listens.

"God is beautiful and loves beauty" according to the saying, and with him we want to invite the listener to share this spiritual journey of "Yinnan Al Andalus", letting himself be carried away by the beauty of his melodies and letters.