OMIRI (Portugal)

May 20 | Square Luís de Camões | 01h30m

Omiri is one of the most original reinvention projects of traditional Portuguese music.

To reinvent tradition, there is nothing better than to bring to the spectacle the real players of our culture: musicians and sounds from all over the country playing and singing as if they were part of the same universe. Not in flesh and blood, but in sound and image, with recollections transformed and manipulated in real time, serving as the basis for the composition and improvisation of Vasco Ribeiro Casais.

Dancing is also a  challenge, since all the songs are danceable, according to the rhythm of the local traditional dances but not only.

Omiri is, above all, a remix of the culture of the 21st century, mixed with musical practices already forgotten, all together  in a single show: songs of our rural tradition with Urban language.